COVID-19 Checklist to Familes
Hi everyone, the WFP Board of Directors and our Coaches are eager to get back to the field! We miss our
players and their families and are anxious to see you all. As you may have seen, we have reopened
registration for a modified Summer/Fall season. Anyone registered for the Spring is automatically signed
up. New registrations are open through June 30 th , and we are accepting girls of all skills levels ages 5-16.
We are also accepting girls from other towns who may not have a town team this year.
We realize there is plenty of uncertainty, and wanted to update you all on some of the measures that
will be taken to ensure safety as part of the Phase 2 reopening. These measures are in accordance with
the state and local agencies, as well as USA Softball.
We’ve also received many questions, we hope this answers some. Please feel free to reach out as well.
During Phase 2 we will only be holding practices. This will be done in groups of no more than 10
(combination of players and coaches). More than one group may be present at the field, but will remain
separate for the entire practice.
The bathroom, dugouts, and other high-touch areas will be sanitized before and after practice. A
dedicated representative or parent volunteer will be responsible for maintaining a checklist of safety
items to ensure this is done each practice.
We are putting physical barriers in place to extend the dugouts and promote social distancing.
Participants will remain 6 feet away from each other as much as possible.
For now, spectators are limited to only the player’s parents/guardians. Spectators must go beyond 1st
and 3rd bases with social distancing. Should a family member bring their own chair, they must social
distance from the bleachers or other spectators. Spectators may have to wear a face covering per
Massachusetts COVID-19 Order #31.
Face coverings may have to be worn when not on the playing field or in the dugout by all youth
participants per Massachusetts COVID-19 Order #31. Adult coaches may have to wear a face covering
both on the playing field and off per Massachusetts COVID-19 Order #31.
Players should have their own helmet, bat, & water bottle. Each catcher should have their own catcher’s
equipment. No communal water coolers. Players to wear batting gloves as much as possible during
practice, especially when handling a bat.
Players and coaches must refrain from any physical gestures of celebrating including but not limited to
high fives, fist or elbow bumps. No seeds or any food that encourages spitting will be allowed.
Players or coaches that are not feeling well or exhibiting symptoms of possible exposure to COVID-19,
such as fever should not attend the practice until such time as the player or coach has been tested
and/or cleared.
We realize that this will be a different look and feel, but we are confident that with these measures in
place for now, things can be eased in Phase 3, when we hope to begin games. Please feel free to reach
out with any questions or concerns. We are working within the required guidelines to get our teams
back together, and participating in a sport they love. We can’t wait to see you all.

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